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Catching Up With Past PPR Interns!

I always get so excited for this time of year! The weather is warmer, summer is on its way, and we get to welcome a new wave of young professionals into the workforce! The energy that new, creative minds bring to business is always thrilling to witness. The PPR Strategies team has been able to feel this palpable energy every year through our many brilliant interns.  

Internships have always had a special place in our mission. The importance of giving students real-world experience through internship opportunities is not lost on us. PPR Strategies has a long list (and we mean LONG) of past interns who have added new life, fresh perspectives, and true value to our company. 

We’re excited to reconnect with just a handful of our past interns to hear about their time at PPR, and if the real-world experience they gained here has helped them in their own remarkable careers. 

What are some key things you learned as a PPR intern that you did not learn in a classroom?

What was your most valuable takeaway from being a PPR intern?

What did you love about working with PPR?

Hanna Turner, PPR’s director of client relations, was once an intern too! Here are a few words from her on the experience. 

“My internship with PPR was pivotal to my future career path. It was so much more immersive than I could have ever imagined and, at times, I felt like I learned so much more in our cute little German Street office than I did in a classroom.

And as fate would have it, I ended up back at PPR twelve years later and still use so many skills that I learned way back in 2011!”

Bringing on interns is a great way to prepare the future workforce and invite new energy into your business! Not sure where to start? Read PPR’s blog about structuring and overseeing internship positions to help you get started and contact us for support!

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