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Call a friend [8 Weeks of Thanks]

This week, as part of 8 Weeks of Thanks, we’re highlighting the power of picking up the phone and calling a friend!

An old-fashioned phone call can be a rare thing these days. In fact, when your phone rings, it might even catch you by surprise!

Nowadays, it’s more common to send texts, “like” someone’s post on Facebook, or try to make plans to have a Zoom chat… only to put it off for weeks (until everyone eventually forgets about it).

We tell ourselves we’re too busy to pick up the phone… But maybe, we’re just a little out of practice!

Taking the time to pick up the phone to call someone can show the other person that they’re important to you. That simple act could deepen a relationship in a world where scheduling time to “catch up” becomes one more thing we put off on our to-do list.

This week, I called my friend Kevin, who’s also my uncle Patrick’s husband. He’s a realtor in the Boulder, CO area. We generally connect via silly Snapchat videos (despite the fact that we’re 47 and 50 years old). 🙂

He didn’t answer, so I left one of my *infamous* long rambling voicemail messages. I just let him know that I was thinking about him and I hoped we get to talk in the next week or so, before Christmas.

Are there people in your life that you’ve been out of contact with? Or perhaps there’s a friend or family member who’s been secluded during the pandemic, and a phone call would mean the world to them.

During this holiday season, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call someone and let them know you care. 🙂

Share your experience calling someone important in your life by leaving a comment down below!

‘Til next time,

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