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An info-what? An infographic!

As important and timeless as the written word is, it would be pretty boring to read content in a black and white world. Other than slapping up a photograph with your words, what else would work? An infographic. It meshes the best of both worlds: a pretty picture AND text that delivers the message to your reader simultaneously!

What makes an Infographic Powerful?

According to the Huffington Post’s blog, infographics are great for SEO benefits. The reason infographics effect SEO favorably is their ease of sharing on social sites. Google likes to see links that are built naturally through social sharing rather than “spammy” link building methods. As we all know, search engine optimization is key for readers to find your website over someone else’s. So when SEO is high, so is your business’ profits.

Infographic Components

  1. Special flair- Yes pictures are likely to draw the reader in, but you need to create an infographic that will get readers excited about the information they are about to learn. So try to stay away from the common bar graph or pie chart. Although those methods are an effective way to visualize data, see if you can’t get creative with the visual aspect of the bars or the pieces of the pie.
  2. Less is more- Don’t overwhelm your audience with unnecessary information. Only display the most important information to make your message clear and concise.
  3. Be bold- Emphasize specific pieces of information with special font. Have fun with the colors you choose for your infographic. Pick colors that will draw the reader’s eye in to learn more about what you have to say.
  4. Make it Shareable– Remember the most important goal: to get your message to as many eyes as possible. You need to make it easy for people to do that. Create a row of “share” buttons that cover Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Email, you get the idea. This way, your infographic can make it onto as many social sites as possible.

 According to PR News, an infographic has the potential to reach over 15 million people! So if you’re looking to share a powerful message and make a positive impact on your business, get infographing!


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