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8 Weeks of Appreciation: A Cheer For You!

Welcome to Week 2 of 8 Weeks of Appreciation! It’s become a tradition at PPR Strategies—Places Reimagined to dedicate the 8 weeks leading up to the New Year to acts of kindness or service to our community. It’s our way of spreading more cheer, positivity, and goodwill in the world! Every week for 8 weeks, a team member from PPR Strategies will be writing a blog to share about the act of appreciation they did. 

This week, our intern Andrew Chandler came up with a creative, fun, and interactive way to show our appreciation for you: through a cheer! Here’s Andrew… 

Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m a Marketing intern at PPR StrategiesPlaces Reimagined and a student at Shepherd University. It’s been a great 3 months of learning about public relations, marketing and economic development. During my time here, I’ve gotten to see how important our clients are to us. We prioritize their needs from the start of every day, and we are grateful they come to us for their marketing and economic development tasks! So for my 8 Weeks of Appreciation activity, I was motivated to create an “Appreciation Cheer” for you as a way to display on a creative level how much we appreciate you being here. 

This cheer was more than just a thank you email – it was a coordinated project that led to a creative and fun result! I created a catchy 8-line cheer, coordinated motions to go with each line, and as a fun way to structure the cheer, I had each team member, including myself, perform a line from the cheer. For our virtual employees, I sent them their part in detail, and asked them to send me back their portion as a short video clip. I then put it all together to create the end video, which I think turned out very well!

Overall, my experience with organizing this 8 Weeks of Appreciation project has been very enjoyable. The team was receptive to my ideas and creative thoughts, as well as comfortable with providing me feedback and ideas of their own. The recording session for the needed video footage was also highly collaborative, as well as a fun little break from the busy work day! Putting the final product together was also enjoyable, as I have always loved working with photos and videos. 

I also was able to capture this pretty great screen grab from our recording session that does a great job at showing what the energy was like during filming!

It’s projects like these that make me step back from my daily life and routine and realize how often I myself am a customer. On an almost daily basis, I’m likely purchasing a product or service from various companies. When I order my coffee on my morning commute, there’s an individual making my beverage for me to enjoy. Appreciation is a two-way street, and working on this project reminded me to simply appreciate those who service my needs! 

What’s one creative way you can show your appreciation today? Send us a message to share with us!

Reimagining Places With You,
Andrew and the PPR Strategies Team

P.S. Want to see the bloopers reel? Sandy said if we get enough votes, we’ll release it. Message us if your vote is yes. 🙂

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