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5 Snapchat Strategies for Economic Development Organizations

On Snapchat, users can post or privately send photos and videos that are only available for 24 hours. (Instagram later adopted this in their Instagram Stories feature.) Snapchat is more popular among young adults and teenagers. (71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old. 45% of Snapchat users are aged between 18-24.) If you want to reach this age group, Snapchat is a great way to be relevant to them and get visibility with them.

In this 6-part blog series, you’ll get social media strategies for Economic Development Organizations on the top social media platforms. Here are 5 Snapchat Strategies for Economic Development Organizations.

30 Social Media Strategies for Economic Development Organizations

Here are 5 Snapchat tips for Economic Development Organizations:

#1: Show Personality And Engage The Demographic on Snapchat

Share interesting photos and videos of your town that younger entrepreneurs might be interested in. Like with Instagram (and every social network), keep in mind who you are targeting and create your content specifically for them.

#2: Create General Filters

Businesses can create filters that will show up on a user’s home page within a particular area and during a specific time. This can be a great way to promote your brand during live events. People at the events will see the filters; the friends they send the “snap” to will see the filter, and often, people will take a screenshot of the filter and share on Facebook or Instagram.

#3: Create Event Specific Filters

If you’re hosting an event which many of your attendees are in the Snapchat demographic, you could create some special filters for the event. They are only available (to be used) by people in the building or specific geolocation you’ve selected, but when they share the pics with all of their friends, your event filter will appear. You can also have general filters that are available to the town or a more specific area.

#4 Cross Promote Your Snapchat

Promote on Facebook, Twitter, and email to let people know you are on Snapchat to follow you. This will help you to build up your following.

#5 Utilize a Summer Intern to Create a Fun and Engaging Snapchat Strategy

See how the platforms evolves and have some fun with it. This is a site where you can add bunny ears and turn your voice into a high pitch silliness — this isn’t for the “stuffed shirt” in us.

You can also partner with you local community college to see what students are doing on Snapchat. Look to the demographics that are successfully using Snapchat for inspiration of fun, quirky ways to stand out on this platform.

30 Social Media Strategies for Economic Development Organizations

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