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The 2023 Place-Based Content Planning Holiday Calendar

Coming up with new, fresh content every week (or every couple of weeks) for your organization can feel like an overwhelming task. And staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor is hardly creativity-inducing.

We work with our clients to create content calendars for the entire year ahead. This way, even if you tweak them as you go along, you always have clear direction and ideas to work with.

We wanted to help you to take the guesswork out of creating a yearly content calendar, so we’ve created something special for you…

The 2023 Place-Based Content Planning Holiday Calendar

Download the Holiday Calendar here

Did you know that along with all of the traditional holidays, there are also a host of celebratory months, weeks, and days that can be used to inspire your place-based content creation?

In our brand-new 2023 Content Planning Holiday Calendar, we’ve compiled a list of both official and unofficial holidays and we’ve included ideas about how to use them for your place-based marketing.

For example, there’s…

Women’s History Month in March – This is a great time to interview local women entrepreneurs and highlight their stories, their businesses, and the impact they’re making in your community.

National Farmers Market Week in August – For National Farmers Market Week, interview the local vendors and share photos of their farms. Give people an even more in-depth understanding of where their food is coming from and the many benefits of eating local. 

Cheap Flight Day in August – For Cheap Flight Day on August 23rd, encourage people to be tourists and to book a cheap flight to a new location in the state or in the region.

National Ugly Sweater Day in December – Have some fun by snapping some photos of team members wearing ugly sweaters on Ugly Sweater Day on Friday, December 15th and share those on social media.

Download the Holiday Calendar here


We hope this 2023 Content Planning Holiday Calendar gives you some inspiration and new, fresh angles to share your place and your programs in the coming year.

We’d love to hear your thoughts once you check out the calendar… Send us a message to share!

Reimagining Places with You,
Sandy the the PPR Strategies Team

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