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The Power of Planning (and Problem-Solving)

Last weekend was our annual PPR Strategies team retreat. It was a weekend full of year-ahead planning, important conversations, and unexpected learning experiences.

We kicked off the retreat with something unique: personal astrology readings! We’ve done lots of skills assessments such as StrengthsFinders, and this birth chart reading offered a different perspective. Plus, it was a fun and light-hearted way to start the retreat. By learning more about ourselves and each team member, we were able to come up with new ways to communicate with each other and recognize one another’s unique strengths. 

When we met up Friday morning, tech challenges and location issues caused us to start late. Seeing everything as a learning experience, the takeaway was to take a pause in moments like this to reflect on what just happened and to focus on solutions. We realized that every day, we use these same problem-solving skills and resilience to always come up with creative solutions for our clients.

Taking this time out together as a team also gave us the opportunity to get really honest about what’s working as a company, what’s working individually, and where we can improve. Team members had the opportunity to share challenges and be a little vulnerable. From this space, we were able to set new goals and brainstorm more effective systems.

A large focus of our retreat was on setting goals for the fiscal year ahead. One of the most important parts of goal-setting is what happens afterward: the follow-up. Going forward, we’ll check in bi-weekly to review what progress everyone is making on their goals.

All in all, taking time to meet together as a team is a powerful and invaluable way to build relationships, assess skills, plan for the future, and have important conversations. If you’d like help stepping outside of the day-to-day “doing” to strategize and plan, contact us to set up a free 15-minute consultation. 

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