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The Best Way to Support the Travel Industry

What’s the best (and most fun) way to support the travel industry and local economies?

Being a tourist!

Recently, I enjoyed exploring some new sites and returning to some favorites across the country.

Here are a few pics of my travels…

I got to visit Mount Rushmore for the second time and pay homage to the founding fathers (or at least, get a pic of them)…

I also got to visit the Wind Caves for the first time. (PSA to travel safely, especially in the Wind Caves.)


And, I got to check out the Badlands!

On this trip, I also had the great pleasure of visiting the world’s only Corn Palace, which you can read more about here.

It was a great trip and a joy to do my part in helping the tourism economy to thrive. 😉 What’s a place near or far that you’d like to travel to? Leave a comment to share.

‘Til next time,

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