PPR Strategies

Workforce Development Organizations

Jumping into the Talent Pool Together

Your organization needs to attract businesses to your county, and inspire existing businesses to grow and expand locally. You might currently be spending a lot of money and checking off a lot of marketing “to-do’s” off your list, but that doesn’t mean you’re generating results.

And while you KNOW you should be doing more, you don’t have enough hours in the day (or enough in-house support) to keep your website, social media, and newsletters up-to-date. As a result, you aren’t getting as many phone calls — or closing as many deals — as you’d like.

Here at Platinum PR, we help you create a strategic marketing strategy — so you can confidently start getting results.

We’ll help you elevate your online presence, engage your customers, and get a greater return on marketing investments (and on stakeholders’ investments).

Our Strategies

Strategies Tailored to You

Attracting and retaining talent keeps your economy robust and your community relevant, but it’s easier said than done. Doing it well demands a sound strategy, collaboration between partners, and storytelling that differentiates your brand. Whether you’re pushing the limits of innovation or redefining your industry strengths, we’ll help you jump into the talent pool.
By evaluating your strengths, challenges, and touchpoints, we’ll help you build a brand story that captures the attention of your ideal candidates. Perhaps you need a full-scale marketing campaign, tech-forward email marketing, or digital storytelling that spotlights your assets. We’ll help you build trust and connect, based on your needs and budget.

Content Development

Your magic is in your message. As content experts, we identify your most appropriate platforms for outreach and craft messages that land with intention. Your target markets inform the tone of your brand personality, but every message is thoughtful, value-added, and true to you.
Whether your talent pool seeks rural hideaways full of adventure or urban centers big on possibility, we’ll identify the media markets frequented by your audiences and set your story in motion. From there, we’ll create your media kit, develop pitch angles, draft press releases, and prep your community for the spotlight.

Strategy Development

Every community needs a well-considered course of action that puts stakeholder needs first. From focus groups and consensus building to industry engagement and strategic planning, we’ll make sure that your talent attraction narrative is the North Star guiding every effort.

Workforce Development Programming

Trust us: a fresh lens and an expert perspective work wonders. If you need help framing a workforce development initiative within your organization, we offer customized support on a range of topics. From program evaluation and implementation to targeted trainings, we prime your internal capabilities for maximum return.