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Post-Grad Relocation: First-Time Frederick Visitor Turned Full-Time Marylander

Graduating college and entering the workforce is a time of mixed emotions for most people. For me, I was excited and eager to put my degree to work and start a new chapter in my life. After a few months of job searching post-grad, I landed an offer with PPR Strategies! While I was overjoyed to have this opportunity, I was nervous to move away from my home in Pennsylvania to be closer to PPR’s headquarters in Frederick, Maryland.

Now, 8 months later, I am a proud and happy Maryland resident, worker, and explorer! I’d like to recap what brought me to Frederick, MD, and why I’m happy to stick around.

Since Frederick was completely unfamiliar to me, I needed to learn more about it before finalizing my decision to make the big move. I took to the Visit Frederick website to browse the “Things To Do” and “Eat & Drink” sections–since I’m always looking for fun things to do and new restaurants to try–and was instantly intrigued. TikTok was my next stop, and a simple search for “Frederick, Maryland” revealed more pieces of this area that could be my new home: a variety of year-round activities, dozens of downtown shops, vibrant scenery, and an overall safe area (like this TikTok video).

For many other people who are planning to relocate to new places, their research can extend beyond a Wikipedia page or government website, so don’t discount the power of travel bloggers, lifestyle influencers, or regular social media users who offer alternative resources and perspectives!

However, this decision to move didn’t just impact me; it also influenced my partner and friends!

Since I would be moving with my boyfriend, we had to understand what opportunities he would have to begin his career in this area. Luckily, Maryland is “home to some of the biggest names in life sciences,” which gave us both more confidence that he would find a job relevant to his biopharmaceutical engineering degree. Now, he works in a lab to support oncology drug research.

Additionally, my friends saw the career opportunities and attractive qualities of Frederick, so they also explored job offerings here. My college roommate and best friend ended up landing a teaching job in the area, so she made the move from PA to MD shortly after I did. Luckily, we all love Frederick!

From my exploration time between July 2023 and March 2024, some of my favorite “gems” in Frederick County include:

I am grateful to my team at PPR Strategies and the welcoming community in Frederick for making this transition much, much easier. My list of “to-dos” in this area is still overflowing, so I’m eager to see where the next 6 months (and beyond) will take me!

So, embrace change and take the risk! Whether you’re a tourist looking for a new adventure or someone planning a big relocation, the new experiences and lessons you learn will make it worthwhile.

Reimagining Places With You,
Kayla and the PPR Strategies team

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