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Upper Shore Regional Council

The Upper Shore Regional Council fosters economic growth, regional planning, and development in Cecil County, Kent County, and Queen Anne’s County. Through collaboration with county, regional, and state partners, the USRC celebrated 20 years of bridging opportunities and cultivating success in the Upper Shore Region in 2023. USRC asked us to help them organize a celebration, recapitulation, and tri-annual report to commemorate the organization’s successes with the people and places who contributed to the vicennial accomplishment. And we love a good celebration highlighting economic development!

In the Fall of 2023, PPR Strategies collaborated with the USRC to bring a 20th Anniversary Celebration to fruition. To accomplish this, PPR Strategies assisted in venue search and coordination, vendor details, email marketing promotions, drafting speaker outlines, and event setup. 

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools that an organization can have. PPR Strategies created and began a MailChimp account for the USRC to assist with promoting the 20th Anniversary Event, and share a recap of the event with attendees. During this project, USRC’s Mailchimp platform averaged a 35% open rate and a 9% click rate, whereas the average Mailchimp open rate is 21.33% and the average click rate is 2.62%. The MailChimp account will be utilized in the future to promote events, highlight new and existing USRC offerings, and share regional news. 

PPR Strategies also coordinated interviews for a 20th Anniversary video displayed during the event; the video featured partners from Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s counties, USRC staff, and those impacted by USRC programs. We also assisted with the editing process of the video to ensure we provided the most impactful

 content from each interviewee. Following the 20th Anniversary Celebratory event, PPR drafted a post-event press release to send to regional media outlets.

An organization’s annual report is imperative to showcasing impact, accomplishments, growth, and progress, and establishing transparency. PPR Strategies assisted in the planning, creation, and completion of an impact report from 2021-2023 that was presented to each attendee at the 20th Anniversary Celebration. Our role consisted of creating and editing content and creating design materials.

As a place-based economic development consulting agency, PPR Strategies is committed to helping community and regional organizations tell their stories, elevate their identities, and attract new investment. Celebrating wins is crucial, even as an organization, to elevate and inspire the community, define impact, and showcase potential.


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