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Periscope Challenge

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today! But first, a quick question…

Have you heard of Periscope, the new live streaming video platform that is growing FAST? (It has over 10 million users in just 4 months!)

Now, before you start worrying about having another social media platform to keep up with, let me me share why Periscope is so powerful!

1. Periscope offers an intimate way to connect with your audience.

Videos are broadcasted in real-time, and viewers are able to post comments during the live broadcast. This creates a 2-way dialog and instant connection with your audience.

2. It’s also REALLY easy (and fun!) to use, which is one reason it is catching on so fast!

Once you download the app, you just click and GO! (There’s no editing involved or special software needed.)

3. Because the technology is still new, now is a GREAT time to take advantage of this platform.

As Periscope grows, so does the competition for followers. By joining Periscope early, you’re able to start building a strong following, and you can be ahead of the game!

Now… here’s my announcement!

I’m excited to share that I’m embarking on a project in September. And you’re invited to join me!

Every day in September, I will be creating daily scopes… YES, every day in September!

I’m calling my project #PRbehindthescenes. I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of running @Platinum_PR, and sharing different tips about things like getting media attention, engaging your audience, prepping for a big client event (like #EconDevWeek in Maryland) and how to make the most out your marketing opportunities.

It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Here’s how to join me for the challenge:
Download Periscope on your phone (either iphone or Android smartphone).

Then, follow me at @Platinum_PR.

(You can check out my “scopes” when you have a chance… or even try making one of your own!)

So, have you downloaded the @Persicope app yet? If you’re reading this on your smartphone, simply click here.

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