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8 Weeks of Appreciation: Love Where You Live!

It’s Week 5 of 8 Weeks of Appreciation!  It’s become a tradition at PPR Strategies—Places Reimagined to dedicate the 8 weeks leading up to the New Year to acts of kindness or service to our community. It’s our way of spreading more cheer, positivity, and goodwill in the world! 

This week, members of our team are showcasing our appreciation for the places they live.

Here’s Nisha, our Communications Specialist, who’s based in Frederick, Maryland:

“One of my favorite places is The Perfect Truffle in Downtown Frederick. They have a fantastic selection of truffles, and the hot chocolate is even better. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great place to get their sweet fix! Love where you live and support your local businesses!”


Celine, one of our Marketing Interns, loves where she went to school in Shepherdstown, West Virginia:

“Here is a picture of my university, Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, and a picture of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I always loved visiting this area to hike with friends after school, get coffee, or to browse the fair trade shop.”


Meg, one of our writers, is based in Augusta, Georgia. Here are a few different scenes from her hometown:

“Toggling between two continents over the past decade, I view home as less of a fixed place and more of a feeling. Creating a space where I feel comfortable and whole is a conscious choice to see silver linings and connect with others in a meaningful way.

This golf tee sculpture sits outside First Tee Augusta, my son Max’s youth golfing program. As guiding tenets of the program, “Integrity, Courtesy, and Respect” teach young golfers to lead with sportsmanship and kindness. I love the message and its impact on my son’s evolution as a player.”


“This is a community garden where neighbors connect, pause, and beautify our neighborhood. From the butterflies taking up residence to the flowers planted and rocks painted by children, its surprises change with the seasons.”


“This pond is the centerpiece of our neighborhood, flanked by Georgia pines, Spanish moss, turtles, ducks, and native plants. It’s a pretty place to pause, any time of the year.”


“The “Central Perk” of my neighborhood, Rooted Coffeehouse, is full of Southern charm. It’s my go-to for a pumpkin foam cold brew, decadent baked treats, and a warm smile.”


These are just a few snapshots to showcase things we love about where we live! How about you? Send us a message to share what you love about where you live, or even better – post on Instagram and tag us (@Platinum_PR) and use the hashtag #lovewhereyoulive

Reimagining Places With You,

The PPR Strategies Team

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