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Is the client always right?

Have you ever had the experience of a team member, colleague, or contractor “pushing back” on your idea? Maybe you had a specific vision for how a project should go, and they presented a different opinion on how to get the results you’re going for.

Or, have you ever had to flex your own “pushback” muscles with a client, a boss, or a leader of a project you’re working on? 

Within my own business, I’m a believer in the importance of creating a culture where pushing back (respectfully and in the right context) is welcome. If a team member has a different opinion about a creative decision, I want to hear what it is.

I also believe it’s important to be able to explore differing strategic ideas within the client-consultant relationship. 

In our work with clients, we’re committed to the results they want. Based on our expertise and what they’ve hired us for, if we see a better pathway to their goal, we’re going to share an alternative approach. 

It can be hard to hear that someone has a different opinion, but coming to a project with an open mind is really important. And if we don’t initially see eye to eye, it’s important to take time to articulate choices and ideas. Oftentimes, it is through these open conversations that even better, more invigorating ideas are conceived.

Ultimately, we need to surround ourselves with people who will provide different ideas, and we need to be in the creative process together to come up with the best strategy. 

The art of the pushback requires trusting our gut and collective expertise to explore differing opinions. It might take a little bit of courage to share, or even to be open to the ideas, and this is what gets us to the greatest strategy and results.

I’m curious to hear your experience on either side of the pushback! Can you relate? I’d love to hear.

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