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How to interview podcast guests like a pro

Welcome back to our series where we explore how to create a podcast… from scratch!

With the many elements required to create a podcast, leading the interviews themselves is no doubt the most fun part! Having stimulating conversations about your podcast topic is probably the exact thing that sparks initial interest in creating a podcast.

The first place to start is to brainstorm who you’d like to interview. Who would you put on your ideal podcast guest list? Who are you curious to talk with? Who have you heard speak that you’d like to dive deeper with?

This is a great opportunity to meet new people. You’d be amazed at how people are often excited for free publicity (for themselves or their organizations). It’s generally not a tough ask to invite someone on your podcast.

In my experience of creating the Frederick Factor podcast, interviewing guests gave me an awesome chance to build relationships with leaders from all over the Frederick community.

As a result, I’ve next-leveled relationships with everyone who was a guest on the Frederick Factor through our time together in the interview. Most people I interviewed had never been on a podcast before – they were each open and willing to be vulnerable and try something new. (It helped that I could share that it was my first time to do a podcast too.)

It’s been great to stay in touch with many of the guests, and I’ve even gotten updates about opportunities that came to them as a result of being on the podcast. In fact, one of my guests became a dear friend, and soon, I’ll announce how you’ll be hearing more from her when you tune into Season Two of the Frederick Factor… 🙂

In order to interview guests, you’ll first want to make sure you’ve got a place to record your podcast. One easy way to do this is to go to an in-house recording studio (like renting the space at PPR Strategies) that already has what you need, which includes professional audio recording equipment like microphones, recording devices, sound buffering on walls, and a comfortable table and chairs for you and your guest.

When it comes to planning the interview questions, there are two trains of thought: You can plan the questions in advance, and rehearse all of the questions and answers, or you can wing it. We did a little of both. I had questions planned, but I liked seeing where the conversation naturally flowed. I liked talking with people and having no idea what they would say next – it was fun and exciting! It’s all about finding what works for you.

Since recording the podcast, I’ve grown to embrace technology. Being able to interview a deaf business owner, Nikki Reineck of Sisters in Style, and make the episode accessible (with a transcript available, audio, and video with sign language) was really amazing. I don’t pick favorites, but if I did, it would be that episode. 🙂

Are you creative wheels spinning with podcast possibilities yet? Let’s take that idea and make it a reality. Contact us to learn how PPR Strategies can help you start your own podcast.

‘Til next time,

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