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How do you get people to listen to a podcast?

Once you do the strategic groundwork to come up with your podcast, and then you record and edit interviews, how do you actually get people to listen to your podcast?

If you record it, will they come?

Kevin Costner seems to think so

Allow me to introduce you to your new podcast’s best friend: the podcast hosting platform!

Uploading your podcast to the many various online directories such as Apple Podcasts is a tech-heavy and timely process. Lucky for us, there are podcast hosting platforms, such as BuzzSprout (which we used), which make the tech aspects super easy.

All you have to do is upload your podcast to a hosting platform like BuzzSprout, and then it will upload your podcast to sites like Apple Podcasts, Pandora, or Spotify. And the more directories that your podcast is on, the more unique listeners you can reach.

And of course, you’ve also got to promote your podcast across your social media channels, newsletter, and website and let your audience know when a new episode is released.

What’s great about the podcast hosting site is that it also allows you to track metrics for your podcast, such as the number of downloads and streams per site.

Just remember… It’s important that you release a steady stream of podcasts in a predictable way. This builds a healthy rapport with your audience, and they know when to expect more of the “goods” from you. Now that entertainment is right at our fingertips, if we find something we like, we naturally want to go back and watch/read/listen to more and more of it. (The Great British Baking Show Netflix binge, anyone?)

So… are you curious? Is creating a podcast a personal or professional goal for 2022?

We’d love to help you get started. Contact us to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

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