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How Tourism Organizations can creatively use January “down time”

How’s it going getting into the swing of things in 2023? Here at PPR Strategies—Places Reimagined, not a moment has been wasted! Between client projects, PPR marketing projects, and preparations for launching Season Two of the Frederick Factor Podcast, we’ve had our hands full!

If you work at a Tourism-based organization, January is the closest month you get to “down time” during the year (unless of course, your community is a popular ski or snowboarding spot). After cleaning up the last bits of evidence of New Years celebrations, you might end up with a good amount of empty time on your hands.

Here are some ideas of how to creatively use your January down time:  

  • Plan your spring and summer itineraries – Taco Tuesday anyone? How about a summer concert series, Alive at Five, or First Fridays? Whatever way you can get your community and tourists out and about, enjoying what your place has to offer, now’s the time to plan those itineraries. By doing the planning now, you’ll have a headstart on creating all of your marketing collateral so you can get the word out without missing a beat come spring. 
  • Take some winter photos – Does your organization have any photos that show what your community is like in the winter? It might seem less appealing to take photos of gray winter days rather than orange and red tree-lined streets during the fall… However, people considering visiting or relocating to your place may like to get a clear idea of what it looks like in all the seasons. Brainstorm cozy spots that could give the best view of your community during winter and then put a scarf on and take your smartphone out to snap some pics! 
  • Do your own professional training and development – In what area would you like to learn and grow? What certifications would support you in your career? You can make great use of your slow season by investing time and energy into your own continuing education. Perhaps there’s a skillset you’d like to improve upon, like SEO or Facebook ads, or maybe there’s certification you’ve always wished you’d gotten. There’s no time like the present—especially when your to-do list is a portion of what it will be come April.

We’d love to hear what your plans are for creatively using your down time this January. Send us a message to share!

Reimagining Places With You,
Sandy and the PPR Strategies Team

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